Thursday, 21 September 2017

How Handle Anger towards Your Child

There are so many things which can go wrong fin our lives. Financial problems, health issues, missed appointments and a lot of other issues tend to make us stressed and angry. And when, in the middle of all this fuss, our child enters with a complaint about lost sneaker, we find a soft target which can be hit with anger.

In the normal days when are happy, we usually do not get triggered by the complaints that our children make. In fact, we try to be compassionate. But during the stressful time, any minor misbehavior form the kids can make us feel entitled to be a punitive parent to fix the misbehavior issue the child is having. This is where things start to go in the wrong direction, and we know about it in good conscious.

Getting angry at kids is the normal behavioral issue that most of the parents may have. In fact, the people, who are parents today, would face the same behavior from their parents. But it doesn’t really mean that this cycle has to go on. Although things get recovered over time and the gap between children and parents start lessening, but preventing the anger show can actually be more beneficial because it can teach the kids how to manage anger.

Set limits and stay within those limits
Everyone can get angry. And when you are a parent, you need to be careful about it. Therefore, you need to set some limits for yourself. You can apply those limits when you start to get angry. Sometimes, you can have bad days in your life, and you wouldn’t want to get disturbed when you are at home at the end of the day. In that situation, you can peacefully connect with your children only to tell them how bad day it was for you. They will surely understand and give you the respect you need at that time. This communication may even help you to get rid of the stress you have had the entire day and you may end up doing some roughhousing with your kids.

Calm yourself before taking action

As mentioned above, watching your kid misbehaving while you are under the influence of stress can made you to feel the urgency to correct bad thing inside your kid. This is one of the worse things to consider. You immediately need to drop your agenda and take a deep breath. Take a few minutes to calm yourself down. Your children are not going anywhere and you will definitely be able to attend them after getting rid of the stress and anger.

Try to decode the message from anger
The anger usually has a hidden message inside. To read that message, you need to remove wrapping from the message, i.e. get rid of the anger. Sometimes, only overcoming the anger can help you to find the best possible solution.